Are you tired of trading methods that hold too many red floats, to the point that it makes you difficult to sleep, work gets interrupted, everything becomes chaotic because of all the red trades?

Take it easy! You are not alone.
In fact, 89% of traders around the world experience the same thing, holding red floating positions for days, a bit blue directly close, then when the market experiences one way not in the direction we expected, your money ends up running out.
Even though you have spent so much money and time on trading, days of stress, in the end, you still lose more often than profit.

Is there a trading method that can be fast, no need to wait for floating for too long, and it can be done in minutes?

Fortunately, it exists!
Learn the method
The only trading method you can apply in the 1 MINUTE TIMEFRAME, perfect for you who don’t have much time to trade and need a quick and simple trading method!

Most of you might be wondering.

-> Is it true that 1-minute timeframe can be used to analyze trading?
-> Isn’t the 1-minute timeframe very volatile and difficult to predict?
-> How can the 1-minute timeframe be traded?
In fact, it can.
The 1-minute timeframe has the most opportunities every day, which is perfect for you who find it difficult to hold your patience in looking for opportunities every day!
Mastering 1 Minute Scalping is a fast trading method with an analysis method using SUPPLY DEMAND and SUPPORT RESISTANCE, which you can apply in a flash, practice every day, without the need to wait for floating for too long which has the possibility to disrupt your concentration for the whole day.

Why choose to trade on the m-1 timeframe?

  • No more FOMO! There are so many entry opportunities on the 1-minute timeframe every day, you won’t have a headache when you miss the moment, because almost every hour there will always be a moment to entry!
  • No more time wasted on trading! You can stay FOCUSED on your main job
  • It only takes a few minutes to clear the position. Stop being frustrated because you’ve been holding red floats for days.
  • Methods can be back tested and forward tested easily, without the need for additional applications.
  • NO CONTINUING MATERIALS at a higher price. Once you learn, you can practice!
This style of trading on M1 is suitable for those of you who…
  • Love fast-paced, no-nonsense trading
  • Don’t like to hold red floating for too long
  • Pursuing HIGH PROFIT percentage target with controlled risk
  • Want to find a new challenge, trading in the most volatile market in the world besides forex, which is in the Index Market



Technical analyst expert.
5 years experience.

Learning Materials

Materials you will learn
-> How to correctly identify the Market Structure
-> Understand the concept of Supply & Demand in M-1
-> How to combine Supply And Demand with Support Resistance for scalping in the M-1 timeframe
-> How to determine key levels on the M-1 Timeframe
-> How to entry and exit the market on the M-1 timeframe
-> How to control trading psychology for scalpers
-> How to create a trading plan for scalping in the M-1 timeframe
-> Strategies for trading in the world’s most VOLATILE MARKETS over Gold, in Index Markets such as the SP500
Registration Fee
RM 197
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Free price discount only need to have a trading account on MiTrade with a minimum of $50!
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Q: What is the Mastering 1 Minute Scalping method?
A: MASTERING 1 MINUTE SCALPING is a trading method that focuses on the 1-minute timeframe, with a daily scalping method for daily profits in the forex market.

Q: Is the MASTERING 1 MINUTE SCALPING method safe?
A: Trading is inherently a high-risk business, but you can definitely limit the risk, depending on the risk management you use. The higher the return you pursue, the higher the risk.

Q: Is it true that with this method, you don’t need to worry about floating for days or MC anymore?
A: Yes, if you apply the right scalping method and limit the risk in a disciplined manner, you don’t have to experience floating for days or margin calls anymore.

Q: Are there any more paid advanced classes?
A: None. Once you learn, you can practice. No need to pay for more advanced classes.

Q: Can beginners learn with this technique?
A: Absolutely. The scalping trading method that we share is a simplified method that can even be practiced by elementary school children.

Q: Is there a guaranteed profit?
A: Trading is a risky business. You must know that in trading there is a possibility of profit and loss. This scalping method is intended for those who want to minimize risk and maximize profits from daily trading practices.
Derivative trading that contains a margin system brings high profits to funds, but can also provide losses on the entire margin traded. Make sure you fully understand the risks of derivative trading and ask for consultant advice if needed. Trading Jitu is not responsible for any form of loss.

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